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Hey, I'm W Marc Watts

After spending 12 years of my adult life in a relationship destined for marriage that ended overnight I was heart-broken to say the least. One minute I had it all figured out, the next I found myself alone and wondering what happened.

No need to run from the pain, go towards it. There's so much discovery, value and power in our pain.

I asked myself what do I really want to do now?

So after relocating and regrouping I was inspired to coach others like me who had experienced similar life-altering situations and who were looking to move forward in life in a more powerful, fulfilling and successful way. This led me to look inwardly more and that led me toward loving myself. I was able to recenter myself and put my new life into proper perspective and I wanted to share what I'd learned through my life experiences, spiritual guidance and professional training over the past 10 years to others find peace and transition into their dreams. Self love was definitely the key for me and I know it can be the key for you also.



Intro SELF LOVE Session

We'll sit down for a simple 20 minute phone call or video chat to talk about you, your story, and what makes you tick. We'll put together an initial plan of action that you can get started with right away! One-time investment of $27.

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One Indepth SELF LOVE Session (1 Hr)

It's time to start with some big ideas over a 60 minute call or video chat. Let's hone in on ways to simplify your life and establish a few new practices designed to yield the best results in the shortest amount of time!

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Platinum SELF LOVE Coaching Program

This is where we meet once per week for 50 minutes on call or video chat. We create some solid happiness habits that work and we take things to the next level. The key to longterm success is evaluation, accountability and persistence. It'll be me and you for 10 weeks. I get excited just thinking about it!!! :) :) :) Let's get started...

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